Unleashing the Power of Truth

Take your business and personal life to new heights with expert background investigations.

Meet the Nation’s Leading FullScope Background Investigators

We assign our select clients an expert investigator with more than 20 years of law enforcement and corporate experience who uses their experience, the best data, and analytics to answer your biggest questions.

Reduce Risk

Engaging the wrong person can put your business and loved ones in harm’s way, diminish your company’s reputation, or have a devastating financial cost for your business or family.  

Elite Group

Fullscope background investigations are the standard when hiring for the most trusted positions in premier organizations. We help keep you ahead of the competition.

Protect Your Family

You protect your family and those you care for. A fullscope background investigation is an easy solution to ensure you’re not bringing the wrong person into your life.

Unveiling the Hidden Gems.

Investing a mere fraction of your time and resources can unearth invaluable rewards.


  • Dating Concerns

  • Household Staff

  • Trusted Partners

  • Matchmakers


  • Nannies

  • Tutors

  • Coaches

  • Caregivers


  • Executives

  • High risk or high-profile positions

  • Employees in high trust positions

Our investigations provide you the required due diligence.

Typical background “screenings” or “checks” won’t identify a predator, racist or toxic employee and do not meet today's minimum standards.

How We’re Different

We use our analytics and expertise to select the most reliable data sources and tools from tens of thousands of choices - not just the cheapest and easiest.  Our information and investigation are based on your unique needs for yourself, your family, or for your business.

Our experts will guide you

Fullscope Background is a national consultancy  that helps the most ambitious businesses and individuals choose and manage their most trusted resources.  Across all 50 states and Canada, we provide our clients full disclosure so they can make better decisions.

You don’t need to make a leap of faith

Our expert investigators look for the right information in the right places. Knowing where to look and how to spot potential warnings signs is what has made us the Nation’s #1 full scope background investigators. We’re trusted by Fortune 500 companies, city, state and federal governments, and by individuals who just want to ensure their loved ones are protected.


Our investigators, their associations and training are second to none.

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