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Background Investigation
What's the difference between a background check or screening and a full scope background investigation?

A “check” or “screening” is typically a search of arrest records and a few consumer databases. It can also include identity or social security verifications. These are primarily used for high volume positions or for low risk positions. A full scope background investigation is a much more intensive, personal, evaluation by an experienced, trained investigator. Most child predators, white collar criminals, racists, or toxic employees won’t be in the databases typically checked in a “screening.”  Our investigators go beyond the data to present a more complete picture of a person’s life to you to ensure they meet your high standards.

What's included in a full scope background investigation from Rush and Associates?

We offer three levels in our background investigations. Our Freedom option includes a search and evaluation of the information by one of our highly trained investigators.  The Opportunity plan additionally involves an interview of the candidate and additional involvement by the candidate which may include questionnaires, testing and requirements to provide additional information. Finally, the Opportunity option is fully customizable and involves one on one consultation with you and will involve multiple interviews and potentially travel to get a complete picture of the candidate. Additional information can be found on our pricing page.

My nanny service already ran a complete background. What do they mean?

Typically, they mean a background “screening.” This would normally be a search of a few consumer databases and arrest records, or inclusion in the sex offender registry. It will not identify most predators or criminals – only the ones who have been caught. However, it’s a great starting point and we have many successful working relationships with nanny placement agencies.

Are the background investigations confidential?

Most of the investigation can remain confidential. However, the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires certain procedures be followed when using a consumer report. This may include disclosures to the candidate and limits to how the consumer report may be used. It sounds more complicated than it is. We make the process easy for you. Often, we defer the candidate to the credit reporting agency for questions regarding their data. Consumer reports are just a small element of what we do.

Do you provide additional services such as Electronic I9, E-Verify and drug testing?

Yes. This is a very common request and many services are included with the Opportunity Plan and available with the Freedom and Advantage Plans for an additional cost.

How do I know if the candidate passed the background investigation?

Our investigators conduct the due diligence and provide you the full disclosure on the candidate. You decide how to use the information based on the totality of the circumstances.  What are your needs and values? Is the information we discovered important to you? Evaluating people is not always easy, but we make sure you have all of the information and can interpret the data before making your decision.

The Difference
Don't most executive search firms or talent acquisition companies do a great job already?

Yes! Leading firms like Korn Ferry are the best at identifying the job specific qualities of a candidate. However, identifying some other qualities which are capable of destroying a company such as sexual harassment, racist behavior, compromising sexual activity or undiscovered  criminal activity is where a full scope background investigation comes in. We work with firms like these once they’ve identified top candidates. We provide the due diligence and full disclosure a company needs to confidently make the hiring decision.

I've known the candidate for years and they're a friend. Is a background investigation really necessary?

Unfortunately, most child predators and elderly abusers are known to the family. In addition, victims of business fraud have often known the suspect for more than ten years. Think about all the times you’ve heard about a CFO or office manager indicted for a million dollar theft.  A full scope background provides another look and you the reassurance you need.

My applicant had a top level clearance in the military/government. Isn’t that better than other backgrounds?

A security clearance is designed to determine eligibility for access to classified national security. It is not a tool to evaluate suitability as a caregiver or business executive. In addition, the background investigation to become a Secret Service Agent is not the same as one for a candidate to work at the NSA or FBI.  Each agency has different priorities and needs. Similarly, our backgrounds for a caregiver are different than for a CEO. We can tailor the investigation to what’s important to you – not just what’s important to the government.

Are you Accredited by the National Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS)?

We are not background screeners.  However, we hire and work with data providers which are accredited and follow the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and the EEOC guidance regarding background checks.

How are your investigators different than a private investigator or a police detective?

I love this question because I love talking about our people! Every one of our investigators are specialists with more than twenty years experience. Further, they were selected for their specialized investigative abilities.  Understanding the profile of a child predator or expert knowledge regarding interviewing techniques are difficult skills very few investigators have. You are getting the best, most experienced, investigators in the business. We all have extensive experience working with entities like the FBI, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and some have led Financial Crime Units and Internet Crimes Against Children Units in law enforcement agencies. Our investigators are truly what sets us apart!

If you conduct the background investigation, what guarantees can you give me that the candidate doesn’t have major problems?

We provide the due diligence and the most rigorous full scope background investigation in the nation. However, people are complex and they don’t stay the same. Good people sometimes do bad things under the right circumstances. No responsible company can give you a guarantee and if you read the fine print they’re usually referring to their refund policy.

Do you check the candidate's social media or online presence?

Yes we do. In fact, it’s one of the most information rich resources in some investigations. It’s also an area that is becoming more challenging with the advent of companies designed to “clean” derogatory information from search engines. We have investigators specifically trained to find information online through open source intelligence sources and the “dark web.” However, if there is a concern we suggest the Opportunity option so the candidate can be interviewed or asked to provide additional, clarifying information.