is there a storm on the horizon?

FullScope Background gives you PEACE OF MIND, knowing that you have all the information you need to help you make a FULLY INFORMED decision.

capture talent and insight

For years, technology has transformed how and what we can learn about someone. But the pandemic has catapulted us 10 years into the digital future. Virtually overnight, digital identities became realities. To navigate these challenges, it's imperative you have all of the relevant information when making decisions. We intertwine superior data collection and analytics with expert investigators to ensure you make a fully informed decision.

Full disclosure

Seeing a completed jigsaw puzzle is more revealing than looking at individual pieces. It doesn’t have to be hard to use actual information instead of guesswork before making decisions. We provide an uncluttered overview that allows you to be more educated and improve your results.

Due diligence

We want you to lead in the new reality. A fullscope background for key individuals in your life allows you to Identify potential risks in advance, analyze them and take precautionary steps to reduce the risk. A gap in your decision making process in your business can cost millions. A gap in your decision making process in your personal life can be incalculable.

Peace of mind

It’s almost impossible to recover from the missteps from selecting the wrong person. A fullscope background investigation allows you to easily gain insights, spot potential problems and reveal possibilities. It’s the one decision that eliminates 1000 others. We want you to spend more time with the right people!

when people feel betrayed this is what they do

Here at FullScope Background Investigations, we pull together more than just a comprehensive background investigation check. We dig deeper to discover the good and evil, although that does not always tell you the whole story. One of our trained professional investigators can assist you to understand analysis of the discovered data and help you make informed decisions or avoid disastrous ones.



We are your trusted partner to identify the people who will have the greatest positive impact on your life.

we are flexible

Our solutions have the flexibility to respond to your unique needs in the face of changing demands.

We value your time

Making an important decision about a person can take countless hours of research and discussion. We give you back your time and provide you the relevant information you need.


We understand that your success depends on the quality of people around you. We leverage our expertise and analytics to ensure you're positioned for success.


Our platform integrates with you, the data and the investigators. We provide a timely, holistic view of the person discreetly delivered electronically or accessed through our client portal.